“Freaky Friday” – ET Phone Home!

Alien Sighted at Rachel Nevada - photo by Robert Swetz 2011

Phphotograph taken by Robert Swetz – EXTRATERRESTRIAL HIGHWAY Hwy 375 Nevada 2011


Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz visits Alamo & Rachel Nevada located only minutes from AREA 51, most of the time when VB is up there he is always bumping into these “Grays, Greens and Tan” colored ET’s.

The “Grays” like the one in this photo taken on hwy 375 between Alamo & Rachel are very aggressive, and have been know to hurt “Humans”.

Well VB didn’t back down to this “Gray” and after many minutes of being stared at VB yelled “ET Phone Home”!

Then VB & his daughter Sherry jumping in their car and drove off.

What would you do in this situation?

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