Vegas Bob’s Interview in Rachel Nevada (AREA 51)

Sherry in Rachel Nevada (AREA 51) 2011

Sherry in Rachel Nevada (AREA 51) 2011o

Vegas Bob had a interview with a Japanese television program straight from Japan in Rachel Nevada (AREA 51) today 5-7-2011

I received a phone call from a young Japanese lady in New York several days ago about UFOs and AREA 51. When I first heard the voice mail I thought it was some type of joke and VB wasn’t even going to return the call, but I did!

It had to be one of the most interesting moments I have had all year. I arrived early in Rachel Nevada at the Little A’ Le’ Inn and had a quick bite to eat, the famous “Alien Burger” and fries.

As I was finishing up my burger a young Japanese lady walked through the door asking to speak with the owner of the restaurant. I walked up to her and introduced myself as Vegas Bob and she was very delighted to meet me and get started on the interview. I thought maybe we could do the interview in the Little A’ Le Inn by as I thought about this 12 bikers came through the door and we decided to take the interview out in front of the restaurant.

As I walked out the front door I was met by 5 Japanese people that had flown in to Las Vegas from Japan Friday evening to do the interview. I couldn’t believe my eyes, they had a HUGE van, they had rented with cameras and everything needed to do a interview. I was wearing a pair of shorts, Roswell Alien t-shirt and a Alien hat because it was around 90 degrees outside. They asked if I had something more professional to wear and I said no, so they gave me a nice dress shirt and asked if I could please take off the hat for the interview.

They proceeded to set up the cameras for the interview with a young Japanese man dressed into a very sharp looking suit. They went through several questions about AREA 51, Roswell, 2012, John F Kennedy cover-up, UFOS/ Aliens and more. The young man in the suit would ask a question to me in Japanese and the young lady from New York would translate it to me in English. I would proceed to answer the question in English and she would translate it back to him in Japanese.

It was a very interesting interview and will be televised on Japanese television around May 21 2011, but will only be televised in Japan. They were very happy with the interview and very happy to have met Vegas Bob, they were also very impressed with my answers to they questions and my knowledge of AREA 51, UFOs, Aliens, 2012 and so much more.

I will post another story about the answers to the questions they asked me in the interview next week, so stay tuned …

Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz 5-7-2011

Vegas Bob received the weirdest call today about (AREA 51)!

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Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz

Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz

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